Since we met at in 2012 I’ve been in contact with Axel Debeul a fair bit. We both share an interest in Pure Data and often help each other with our patches, including patches to glitch mp4 files, a stop-motion animation patch and various others which I have yet to release.

For #3 we worked together on an audiovisual piece. Time was very limited so we mostly worked on our parts in isolation. However, it all came together pretty well on the performance night. I utilised some of the generative visuals methods that I’ve learnt from Minuek together with a Video Scope by Critter & Guitari. As I do not own one of these yet below is a recreation of the Magnetophon piece that utilised a Panasonic WJ-AVE5 instead.



Magnetophon #3

From 31st October – 3rd November I was in Arles, France to take part in #3. Like last year, the line up was a great mixture of instrumental and electronic musicians, installations and awesome art. I had the pleasure of meeting notendo again – the previous time being GLI.TC/H 2010 – making new friends and meeting lots of old ones, and working with many inspiring people. It was also a great chance to see how all of us have changed/developed our skills over the last year.

Upon my arrival I went striaght to work and started preparing visuals for Dame Blanche and Sugarcraft, and also working with Axel Debeul (w00t) on an audiovisual performance.

The festival was very heavily documented by the organisers, so videos and photos will appear from them in the coming weeks. In the meantime below are some of my photos and lots of gifs are on Tumblr. #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3, 2nd November 2013 #3, the awesome festival in Arles, France that I took part in last year, started again on 23rd October. I’ll be there on 31st October for a small guest performance at the party on 2nd November. #3

Myself and Axel Debeul will be creating a lot of funk, soul, noise and mess by utilising almost anything that makes any sound. If you happen to be in Arles you should check it out! And if you’re not in Arles already, go visit! It’s a beautiful place. #2

From 14-21 October I was in the beautiful town of Arles for #2. It was all really amazing! I had the privilege of being in the presence of so many talented and creative individuals, including Jankenpopp, Gijs Gisekes, Tapetronic and Axel Debeul, who all were very happy to share their knowledge and skills. - 14.10.2012 - 16.10.2012

Much of the week was spent working on the Open Camera project. The aim was to find a cheap and affordable way to capture images. My solution was to use a Raspberry Pi and digital photo frame to build a very simple script that glitched images from a webcam - 18.10.2012

Later in the week the performances from the resident artists and my presentation – alongside Sébastien Magro, Jacques Perconte, Yannick Vernet and Alexandre Simonet – took place. There’s no video recording of the presentation yet, but hopefully it’ll emerge soon!

My performance at the closing party – although only 10 minutes long – marked my first ever solo audio and visual performance. There’s no video (yet) of this, but it sounded and looked a lot like the preview video.

I’ll do detailed writeups of some of the achievements of the week, but until then enjoy this video documentation of performances from other artists:

More photos from the week are here on Flickr. Thanks to TNTB/David LePôle for inviting me over for the festival! #2, 13-20 October 2012

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking part in #2 in Arles, France from 13-20 October. 13-20.10.2012 13-20.10.2012

What is

With workshops, conferences, residences, performances and video & musical evenings , the third edition of invites you to discover the mysteries of digital art in all its forms 13th October to 20th October …

This year offers an “electronic free market” on 14th October 2012 in the main venue of the festival in the centre of the city of Arles. As in previous editions, we will conclude with party and its international line-up, that showcases electronic music, VJ and other digital experiments, several of them will be create during a session of residencies during the week.

In short, lot of artists to discover, throughout the week.

An Archaeology of the computer!

I’ll be part of a roundtable discussion on Saturday 20th October with the likes of Sébastien Magro, Jacques Perconte, Yannick Vernet and Alexandre Simonet

Time of the first computers is not so far away. What remains today of these machines, software programs, practices, …? The future of digital files also seems very uncertain and computer languages today could soon become “dead” languages of tomorrow. Create an archeology for computing is an actual question…

Open Camera

I’ll be working throughout the week with Gijs Gieskes and others to create an “Open Camera” that is built from easily accessible components.

Closing Party

I’ll be doing a short performance at the closing party, also on 20th October. The night will feature performances from a wide range of artists, including 69DB, JUNIOR CONY & Sista Chance, THX1137, BITCRUSHER & MORUSQUE, HASSAN K and many more!

There’ll otherwise be entertainment in the evenings and workshops. Lots more information is available on the main website and their Page on Facebook. If you feel like sharing, here’s some posters for the festival.

In completely unrelated news I recently started to learn French.