Some of My Favourite Songs

In early 2012 I made a music compilation that attempted to summarise my musical tastes on a 700MB/80 minute CD. ’cause I’m a special kinda guy I’ve decided to share it wit y’all… as images! Below are some of my favourite songs, presented in the order that they appear on the CD. You should listen to them.

The images were made by reading the audio files into Pure Data as binary data and then saving them as jpgs. I’ll do a writeup of the process soon!

Rival Schools - Everything Has Its Point

Rival Schools – Everything Has Its Point

When I Saw Pavement

All the way back in May I went to see a band called Pavement. About two months later I finally finished off a mini zine documenting parts of my time there.

If you know your way around jpdftweak or other imposition software you can even combine it into a rather awesome poster!

Speaking of zines, I’m helping to organise the Birmingham Zine Festival that’ll be taking place in September. If you make zines you should get in contact through that website.