Post-Modern Plant Life: An [RHP] CDRs Artist Laboratory – 9th – 15th June

From 9th – 15th June I’ll be taking part in Post-Modern Plant Life: An [RHP] CDRs Artist Laboratory in at Jephson’s Gardens in Leamington Spa:


Post-Modern Plant Life: An [RHP] CDRs Artist Laboratory will provide an opportunity for a group of practitioners from fields including contemporary art, experimental music and academia to spend time together in the unique setting of The Temperate House in Leamington Spa’s Jephson’s Gardens to see how their respective practices can interact with each other and with the visually exciting and complex space.

The practitioners will be encouraged to make new work or to further develop existing projects within this new context with the intention of presenting the results to the public over the Leamington Spa Peace Festival weekend.

  • 9th – 13th: Development Period. (This will not be specifically public facing but will be taking place with the public around).
  • 11th: Open Studio. (This is an opportunity for the public to speak to the participants and to see works in progress). 10:00am – 5:00pm.
  • 14th – 15th: Presentations. (This may be an exhibition, performances, talks or something else. This is public facing and will be existing alongside Leamington Spa’s Peace Festival). 10:00am till 5:00pm both days.

I’ll be one of seven artists taking part, the others being Ryan Hughes (duh), Jake Watts, Verity Jackson, Richard Scott, Ypsmael, Tapiwa Svosve, Cormac Faulkner and Ana Rutter.

I intend to be there most days during the development period but do prod me on TTwwiitteerr to be sure. I’ll be tweeting my progress over at the #PoMoPLLab hashtag.

7 Days of Sound Festival

7 Days of Sound Festival kicks off on Monday 2nd December at Althorpe Studios and Gallery in Leamington Spa:

7 Days of Sound is a festival exploring the types of practice which exist between contemporary visual art and experimental music which has been organized by [RHP] CDRs, is hosted by Althorpe Studios and Gallery and was funded by Warwick District Council.

7 Days of Sound is filled with exciting events, new performances, art works, talks and many other projects made by over 50 regional, national and international practitioners at all career stages.

The festival is built around a large exhibition, titled 365 Days of Sound, which both celebrates the past year of [RHP] CDRs activity and looks forward to the coming year. Included in the exhibition are a range of art works, objects, merchandise, articles and other contextual information from the archive which has been built around the artists we work with.


Net Artist Music Videos

On Friday 6th December I’ll be doing a performance following the Net Artist Music Videos screening, curated by Prosthetic Knowledge. The event starts at 7pm and also includes a performance from Michael Lightborne. It’s gonna be noisy, but I think you probably already knew that.