Dirty New Media preview: Exhibition part 1

Dirty New Media will be making its way to The Barber Institute of Fine Arts on 21st March as part of the University of Birmingham’s Arts and Science Festival. Over the week I’ll be providing an overview of the upcoming event.

Exhibition | 4-10pm

Kate Pemberton – Tracert

katepemberton_tracertTracert (pronounced trace route) is an examination of how traditional craft ideas translate into the modern multi-media networked world. A sampler has been cross-stitched by hand from a transposed graphic of a tracert DOS command.

Benjamin Gaulon [aka recyclism] – KindleGlitched

recyclism_knidleglitchedThe Aesthetics of Planned Obsolescence / Readymades Glitch Art.
KindleGlitched is a series of glitched kindles donated, found or bought on eBay, signed by the artist.
The generated visual are unique and permanent. No battery required.

Jeff Donaldson – 16bit Edition Glitch Scarf – source: Atari ST emulator read error

jeffdonaldson_glitchscarfThe 16bit Edition Glitch Scarf is a continuation of the exploration of glitch imagery as a new paradigm in textile design. Beginning in 2001 by preparing video game systems with wires to alter their function, textile renders of 8bit glitch patterns began with the 1st edition, 8bit glitch scarf in 2007. Limited to 20 pieces, the pattern was created with a prepared Nintendo Entertainment System then, rendered as a wearable glitch knit at a 1:1 pixel to knot ratio. The 16bit Edition Glitch Scarf pattern was created with an Atari ST emulator running a classic demo scene release at a different resolution than it was coded for. A read error glitch result was then chosen and rendered as a glitch textile again at a 1:1 pixel to knot ratio.


Dirty New Media // REVOLUTION 02


An engaging day of performances and interactive installations from digital artists, hacktivists and new media explorers from the West Midlands, Chicago and beyond. Artworks take the form of hacked and customised hardware, accessories, demos, lectures, data-mangling, projection and more!

This eclectic, expectation bending event is presented by Vivid Projects in association with artist/curator Antonio Roberts and The Barber institute of Fine Arts.

Free admission, no booking required. Dirty New Media. For further information and times, please contact 0121 414 2261 or email education@barber.org.uk. Facebook event link.