SuperByte Festival – Glitch Art Workshop

In this part theory, part practice workshop, hellocatfood will take you through a brief history of glitches, noise, and their impact on art, music and popular culture. The practical side of the workshop will delve into the common techniques utilised by glitch artists, such as hacking codecs, modifying hardware and repurposing commonly used software.

For the practical part of the workshop you’ll need a laptop/computer (Mac/Windows/Linux) with the following software installed: GIMP, Audacity & a good text editor such as Notepad++, Text Edit or Gedit.

Depending on time and interest from participants, we may be able extend software covered. If possible, please have installed: Processing, Pure Data, ffmpeg/libav, Imagemagick, Inkscape & Blender.

All of the software required for this workshop is freely available, and there’ll also be some toys on hand for you to experiment with.

SuperByte 2014 Kickstarter Campaign

After a very successful 2nd year SuperByte Festival will be back for 2014 from September 11-13th.


Just like last year they’re making use of a Kickstarter campaign to raise initial funds to ensure the festival can go ahead. With £1890 already raised they’re looking to raise £2500 by March 5th. By pledging your support you’re essentially getting cheap early-bird tickets and a whole load of swag goodies! By pledging £45 you get:

  • An Early Bird Weekend Ticket
  • Live at SuperByte 2013 album download code
  • SuperByte 2014 album download code
  • SuperByte sticker set
  • T-shirt designed by pixel art legend KeFF
  • *drumroll* Exclusive set of 4 glitch art postcards designed by me!

Awesome Paint!

Awesome Paint!

Awesome Paint!

Awesome Paint!

Awesome Paint!

I designed these cards specifically for the SuperByte kickstarter campaign, so if you want ’em and all the other awsomeness go and spend your money now!

SuperByte 2013, 13-14 September

SuperByte is, at time of writing, only two days away! In anticipation of this awesomeness I made a little preview video, with music by HarleyLikesMusic.

(I should’ve probably put a flashing images warning in there)

Since I last wrote about it the line-up has changed/grown to include: 8 Bit Weapon, Anamanaguchi, Broken Bit, Comptroller, Eat Rabbit, gwEm, KeFF, Meneo, Mizkai, Nordloef, Organ Freeman, Sabrepulse, Shirobon, Skip Cloud, TDK, Ultrasyd and Whitely.

In addition to myself, there’ll be visuals from Invaderbacca, Jayson H, LastKnight ,Rosa Menkman and Spectrum

I’ll also have a couple of prints from Some of My Favourite Songs on display.


Still haven’t got your tickets? What are you waiting for?! Get lucky! Get them now!

SuperByte 2013

SuperByte 2013

My only confirmed gig of this year will be to provide visuals at SuperByte Festival on 13th and 14th September. Even though the festival is months away, the line-up already includes many great chiptune/8-Bit Sabrepulse, Ultrasyd and 8GB!

The first SuperByte took place in September 2012, and I was there to perform with Freecode:

To make the festival happen this year, the organisers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £2000. With 26 days to go, there’s only £953 to go! Go spend your money!

SuperByte 2012

On Saturday 1st September I was in Manchester with Freecode to provide visuals for SuperByte. The venue, Antwerp Mansion, was really quite impressive. On the outside it appeared to be an abandoned building, but on the inside it was an outstanding mansion that has been reworked as an entertainment venue.

The festival opened my eyes and ears to some awesome musicians, including Superpowerless, Chipzel and DeadBeatBlast. I also had the pleasure of doing visuals for Henry Homesweet. Here’s some of the clips that I shot of the day:

Congrats to the MegaByte team for organising a great event. Same again for 2013? 😉

SuperByte 2012

SuperByte 2012

More photos available here

Freecode at SuperByte, 1st September 2012

On Saturday 1st September Freecode will be providing visuals for some of the acts at SyperByte in Manchester

SuperByte is, at it’s core, a day and night of live music from some of the best chiptune and low-tech acts from the UK and beyond including micromusic pioneers Dubmood, Henry Homesweet, Superpowerless, DeadBeatBlast, Chipzel, HarleyLikesMusic and many more

More info, such as full line-up, directions and ticket prices can be found on the FB event invite or their website. It’ll be my last performance/VJ gig as part of Freecode. There may also be cake.