CV Dilema

I was at the pub today with Vickie Wood of CECI, discussing the next performance, when I thought I’d bring up the question about how to mention the previous performance on my CV. Do I say that I worked with CECI, as part of CECI, collaborated with, performed with or as part of or some other terminology? I only asked this because I don’t want to take credit for work that I’ve had minimal input in.

I’ll put it into a perspective bit more. When I first performed with Insectoid and CECI I didn’t have any input other than my performing of their piece. So, for that I’d just say I performed with them. However, as I’ve gotten to know the work more I’m at the point where I’m helping make decisions about future work. So, what do I say then? Have I collaborated with them, worked with them or performed with them?

What does everyone else in arty/blogging land think? I may be being a tad bit over cautious, but I really don’t want it to seem like I’m taking credit for anyone elses work.


A waste of good wine, originally uploaded by H4NUM4N.

On Wednesday I was asked by CECI to help out with the FluxFeast performance at VIVID. From the VIVID website:

FluxFeast is an attempt to undermine the monumentality of art through the use of food

Myself, along with other members of CECI, were slightly sinister, yet at times playful waiters. My favourite part of the night involved the waiters swapping and changing dishes with other diners whilst they were blindfolded!

H4NUM4N has a few more photos of the event


I’ve been in the freelancing game for about 7 months now and one of the major problems I’ve found is in managing my time effectively. It’s so easy to just do nothing all day and frantically rush around trying to do too much in the evening. This is why I’m attempting to map out how each day could be spent. So far it looks a little like this:

09:00 – Do some digital artwork
11:30 – Check e-mails, blogs, twitter etc
12:00 – lunch
13:00 – Do some traditional artwork
15:30 – Read magazines and blogs – 4Talent, Computer Arts etc
16:30 – End of the day!

I know that I haven’t allowed much time for checking and responding to e-mails, but I don’t get many (yet!), so that’s more than enough time.

Am I being overly optimistic with my time allowances?

Open Source

I’m going to be moving into exclusively using open source software to create artwork in the near future*. More on why once I get my head around some of the software.

*that is unless it’s completely necessary that I use a piece of commercial software e.g. GMIP doesn’t support CMYK, yet Photoshop does.

The Pyramid Stage

The Pyramid Stage, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

I was at Glastonbury Festival lat week volunteering with Oxfam. When not on my shift watching as people got searched I saw these bands:

King Blues

Ben Folds
Fun Lovin’ Criminals
A little bit of Fatboy Slim

A little bit of Massive Attack

John Mayer
Mark Ronson
A bit of Goldfrapp
A bit of Leonard Cohen
The Zutons
A bit of Solomon Burke
A bit of Manu Chao

As you can probably tell I had my Gameboy Camera with me too 🙂 There’ll be a few more pictures like that coming soon!