The Barber Collective Exhibition

The Barber Collective re-interpret the collection through interdisciplinary art, music and performance practice. Collaborating with artists, designers and musicians, the group of 16 – 21 year olds discuss, re-imagine and create. Enjoy this exhibition of work by the first cohort.

Bus Tops video

If you weren’t able to make it out to the streets of London in February to catch the Bus Tops here’s a video featuring a selection of the works:

You can see one of my pieces show up at 2:08. There’s some more videos from the project on al4ie’s YouTube channel

Hello Glitch

Using the same svg glitching techniques that I’ve come to love, today, with the help of Twitter folk, I created this rather short animation that compliments my new deviantART ID

My initial aim was glitch the video file itself but then I figured it’d be quite different to glitch each frame individually. To do this I created the original text in Inkscape and then created 52 copies of it. I then opened up the file in a text editor and began messing around with the numbers!

After the 17th or so version of the file it became hard to try and randomly replace numbers, so I turned to Twitter for some help.

I asked people to give me two random numbers, each between 0 and 99. I’d then modify an image using only those two numbers. Within minutes of asking I already was given quite a lot of numbers, so I began work on glitching. In the end I sporadically used the numbers that were given on each image. All of the results can be seen below:

Hello Glitch (by hellocatfood)

All but two of the frames from the animation in no particular order

The amount of variation you can get by just replacing a few numbers or changing a number from a negative to a positive is quite amazing.

For the sound I ran an mp3 file through MPeg Fucker, which is a nifty little script for warping sounds.


hEll, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

Something from a little animation I’m working on

Digital Play

I attended the Digital Play course run by Playtrain recently. Even though there’s only so much you can learn in a single-day course this course really did give me a lot of ideas on what to do with multimedia in the workshop environment.

I know that sometimes the idea of introducing computers into teaching can seem daunting! Computers are pretty unstable, so add children and pressure into the mix and it’s a potential recipe for disaster! This course really did show me that multimedia doesn’t have to be all that confusing and some of the simplest technology can have the greatest effect.

Here’s one of the pieces I produced:

It’s not fancy, but for children, and even the people attending the workshop it was really really fun, and I think that’s one of the more important things about education and learning.