Experience music and visuals generated by code, projected for your pleasure. Algorave is a combination of “algorithms” and “rave”, the opportunity to dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, all created from code before your eyes.

The Algorave scene is fast-growing around the world, with Sheffield a strong centre, building on its fine roots in electronic music history.

Blender Animation Workshop – July 25th

On Saturday July 25th I’ll be delivering an online a Blender workshop for Access Space!

The three-hour workshop (13:00 – 16:00) will go through a few basics of using Blender but will mainly focus on making abstract glitchy looping gifs, like the ones that I made for Improviz.

Tickets are £15 and can be purchased directly from Access Space.

Blender Animations Workshop with Antonio Roberts

1pm-4pm, £15

Blender is a popular free and open source 3D modelling program used by professionals and amateurs for 2D/3D animation, making assets for games, video editing, motion graphics, compositing and more.

This online workshop, led by Antonio Roberts, will introduce you to the software and its features. In this workshop you will learn basic concepts of animation and navigating 3D space, eventually progressing to more advanced concepts and techniques. By the end you will have the skills to create abstract and glitchy looping animations.

If you’ve ever been interested in creating in 3D, this workshop is the perfect introduction!

See here to learn more about the Antonio Roberts and see how he uses Blender in his own work

Examples of Antonio’s glitchy animations made with Blender can be seen here:

The workshop will take place over Zoom from 13:00 – 16:00 BST with regular breaks. Please ensure you have Zoom and Blender installed on your system.

Blender works on Mac, Windows and Linux and works best when using a dedicated GPU. Please see this page for full recommended hardware requirements

Book a place:

Lumiére, 20th September

On Friday 20th September the Dark, Eerie and Manic remix video by myself and Alex Juno will be showing at Bloc Projects in Sheffield as part of Lumiére from 18:30 (Facebook event link).

Lumiére Screening

Lumière‘s focus is on the concept of light. Light and time; light and vision; light and being; light and perception. Light is something so simple, yet indefinite and vital. It allows us to see; it can expose and reveal but also hide and conceal; it can create different moods; it can be used, manipulated, obscured or enhanced by us but it is always there.

This travelling film screening then makes its way to Power Lunches in London on October 8th (Facebook event link), with more screenings to be announced in the future. Keep an eye on the Screenings page for up-to-date information. I think they’re still looking for other venues, so if your city/venue *cough*Birmingham*cough* wants to host one get in touch